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How to make squirrel traps – The various forms and schemes for home-made traps that have been devised, and which are to be found in use by boys all over the country, are countless, but there are of course a number of these which are more effective than others, and some which have gained more favor among boys.


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Excerpt from the book THE BOY CRAFTSMAN – Practical and Profitable Ideas for a Boy’s Leisure Hours BY A. Neely Hall – With more than four hundred illustrations by the author and Norman P. Hall Published, August, 1905.

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Several years ago the author wrote an article upon traps, and has since been more than pleased to note the success boys have had in making and using them. With a few additions, the same schemes have been embodied in this chapter, and it is hoped that the several kinds of snares and traps will prove as satisfying to the majority of boy trappers.

They are all simple to make, require but the material ordinarily at hand, and are effective for most of the smaller species of animals, and many varieties of birds.
One of the oldest forms of traps, and one of which every boy should understand the construction, is The Figure-four Trap.


It is about the simplest example, and its principle will be found in the schemes of a great many of the more complicated traps. For this the preparation of three sticks, such as are shown in Fig. 214, will be necessary.


How to Build a Squirrel TrapFig. 214.—Stick for the Figure-four Trap.

These sticks may be made of any length you wish, but their proportion should be about as shown in the drawings. The illustrations show clearly how the sticks should be notched, and how one end of the trigger should be tapered for the bait.

Fig. 215 will explain the manner in which these sticks are placed together in the form of a figure-four.


How to Build a Squirrel Trap

Fig. 215.—The Figure-four.


The rest of the trap consists of a soap-or cracker-box with the cover hinged to it.

How to Build a Squirrel Trap

Fig. 216.—The Figure-four Trap set.

To set the trap, place the box upon the ground, cover down, and rest its upper edge upon the top of the figure-four, as shown in Fig. 216. When putting the figure-four together, it is necessary to hold the sticks until the box is set upon them, as the weight is required to hold them in position.


For squirrels and rabbits, for which this trap is very good, bait the trigger with a carrot, piece of apple, or cabbage leaf. It is easy to see that the slightest nibble at the bait will disarrange the sticks, and cause the box to drop over the game.


A box trap - How to Build a Squirrel Trap

Figs. 217-219.—A Box Trap.


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