Best way to catch a squirrel in attic – Humane squirrel trap

Squirrel problems in attic?
Do you hear creaking, scratching, bumping from above the ceiling?
Don’t panic there are several simple solutions to this problem.

1. Humane squirrel trap

You can easily make many simple squirrel traps which are effective for most of the smaller species of animals, and many varieties of birds.
One of the oldest forms of traps, with simple construction, is The Figure-four Trap.
For this the preparation of three sticks, will be necessary.

These sticks may be made of any length you wish, but their proportion should be about as shown in the drawings. The illustrations show clearly how the sticks should be notched, and how one end of the trigger should be tapered for the bait. Next image explains the manner in which these sticks are placed together in the form of a figure-four.

The rest of the trap consists of a soap-or cracker-box with the cover hinged to it.

To set the trap, place the box upon the ground, cover down, and rest its upper edge upon the top of the figure-four, as shown.

When putting the figure-four together, it is necessary to hold the sticks until the box is set upon them, as the weight is required to hold them in position. For squirrels and rabbits, for which this trap is very good, bait the trigger with a carrot, piece of apple, or cabbage leaf. It is easy to see that the slightest nibble at the bait will disarrange the sticks, and cause the box to drop over the game.

Usually the figure-four trap does the job done, but in any case there are many cheap Humane squirrel traps you can buy.

Using squirrel Repellents

There are special squirrel Repellents – sprays and electronic devices which will not kill the squirrels, but only keep them away from your house. These solutions are not cheap, but yet cost less than the repair of damage made by pests.

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