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Airplane Kites – How to Make a Kite By W. A. Reich

After building a number of kites from a recent description in Amateur Mechanics I branched out and constructed the aeroplane kite shown in the...

War Kite – How to Make a Kite By Park Snyder

The material required for the making of a war kite is three pine sticks, each 60 in. long, one stick 54 in. long, one...

Box-kite – How to Make a Box-kite – Homemade Kites

Of the more pretentious kites, none is as popular as the rectangular box-kite. Box-kites may be purchased ready-made in a number of sizes, but they...

How to Make a Malay Kite – Homemade Kites

The Malay tailless kite is probably the most practical kind ever invented. It will fly in a wind that the tail variety could not...

How to Make a Kite for Kids – A Tailless Kite

The frame of a 3-ft. kite is made of two sticks, each 3 ft. long. These are tied together so that the cross stick will...

Chinese Kite – How to Make a Chinese Kite

How to Make and Fly a Chinese Kite The Chinese boy is not satisfied with simply holding the end of a kite string and running...

How to Make a Box Kite – Traditional box kite DIY

A simple method of constructing a box kite is given in detail as follows:The sticks should be made of straight-grained wood, which may be either spruce, basswood or white pine.
Martin birdhouse plans - How to make a birdhouse out of wood

Martin birdhouse plans – How to make a birdhouse out of...

Martins are very sociable birds, and prefer to nest in colonies. They are not content with one or two compartment houses if larger houses are obtainable.
Bluebird birdhouse woodworking plans

Bluebird birdhouse plans