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How To Make An Ant Farm for kids? – fun projects for kids at home

To Make An Ant Farm You will need:

  •  a small, narrow glass jar
  • a larger, wide-mouth jar with lid
  • can opener
  • cheesecloth
  • moist sand
  • ants
  • string or rubber band


Image describing the needed materials

1. Put a 1-inch (2.5cm) layer of moist sand in the larger glass jar.


2. Find an ant hill in a dry place where the soil is loose. Poke the hill with one of the sticks and catch a few ants that come out.


Moist sand in glass jar

3. Place the ants into the small glass jar. Put this jar upside down on the sand inside the larger jar and put the cover on the larger jar.


4. Fill the space between the two jars with the moist sand.

How To Make An Ant Farm for kids

5. Poke holes in the jar lid with the can opener. Cover the top with cheesecloth, fastened with the string or rubber band.


How To Make An Ant Farm for kids


Poking the holes requires adult supervision and help.


6. Watch the ants burrow through the sand for a few days. Their network of passageways will amaze you.


Girl with ant farm in a jar