How to make a paper boat step by step – Paper Boat origami

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How to make a paper boat step by step – Take a piece of paper measuring about four by three inches ; fold it across the middle, as shown by dotted line in Fig. 1; then turn down the corners of the folded side (ab, Fig. 2).

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Excerpt from the book: How? or, Spare hours made profitable for boys and girls by Holbrook, Kennedy / Publication date 1887 / Publisher New York, Worthington co.

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You now have Fig. 3 ; turn up the edge c d toward you, and fold it; turn up the other edge away from you, and fold it against the other side, which gives you Fig. 4.




Bend over the points c d in either direction, also the other two corresponding points, so that the outline of the triangle is continuous.

You can cut off these little corners if you like ; but the boat is somewhat stronger, however, by letting them remain, and after a little experience, you will find no difficulty in disposing of them. This little hat-shaped form you now open (Fig. 5) and press together, with the points e f meeting each other, which gives you Fig. 6.

Bend the point/ up toward you till it meets the point g, folding on the dotted line. Turn the point e up likewise on the other side.

Now you have another hat, but smaller, and with a triple crown. Treat this as before (Figs. 5 and 6). Your last shape will have two points meeting at the bottom and three at the top.



Pull the two outside points at the top apart sideways (Fig. 7), and continue this till you have drawn it out to a flat shape, as in Fig. 8. Press this closely together, then open it slightly, and the boat is complete—like Fig. 9.



How to make a paper boat step by step - Paper Boat origami

(Note.—To avoid taking up unnecessary space, the first two figures are drawn smaller than their actual proportion to the rest.)