How to Make a Paper Banger – Art projects for kids

How to Make a Paper Banger – Art projects for kids

To make this harmless and loud toy – the Paper Banger, we need strong sheet of paper size 6,3 x 9,5 inches (16 x 24 cm)  (or other sheet of paper with edge ratio 2:3).

How to make paper bangers?

First fold the sheet in half along the long side to mark the middle of the sheet, and then fold the edges as shown on image A.
Again fold the paper in half, to mark the middle, and fold the edges as shown on image B and C.
Make one more fold in half (image D) and the paper banger is finished.
Grab the edge and swing as hard as you can but have in mind that there should be a slight opening between the two sides in order for air to enter and make the bang during the swing (image E).

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