DIY Wooden Sled – An Inexpensive Bobsled

DIY Wooden Sled - A Bobsled of Simple Construction Using Ordinary Barrel Staves for the Runners
A Bobsled of Simple Construction Using Ordinary Barrel Staves for the Runners

Any boy who can drive a nail and bore a hole can have a bobsled on short notice.
The materials necessary are:

  • four good, solid barrel staves;
  • four blocks of wood, 4 in. long, 4 in. wide, and 2 in. thick;
  • two pieces, 12 in. long, 4 in. wide, and 1 in. thick;
  • one piece, 12 in. long, 2 in. wide, and 1-3/4 in. thick; and
  • a good board, 4 ft. long, 12 in. wide, and 1 in. thick.

The crosspieces and knees are made with the blocks and the 1-in. pieces, 12 in. long, as shown; to which the staves are nailed for runners.

One of these pieces with the runners is fastened to one end of the board, the other is attached with a bolt in the center.

The 1-3/4 by 2-in. piece, 12 in. long, is fastened across the top of the board at the front end. A rope fastened to the knees of the front runners provides a means of steering the sled.

The sled can be quickly made, and it will serve the purpose well when an expensive one cannot be had.

—Contributed by H. J. Blacklidge, San Rafael, Cal.

Excerpt from the book:
The Boy Mechanic – BOOK 2 – 1000 THINGS FOR BOYS TO DO
Published, 1915
Various Authors

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