How to make rocket balloon?

Blow up a balloon and then let it go. The force of the high-pressure air coming out of the neck makes the balloon rush aimlessly in all directions.

This type of force pushing the balloon forwards is called thrust. It is the same force that makes rockets move.
Space rockets and fireworks rockets all use hot gases to produce thrust. A mixture of substances is set on fire so that it burns very rapidly.
The force created by this burning is channeled in one direction, and the thrust makes the rocket move off in the opposite direction.

You can stop a balloon from flying recklessly out of control.

You will need:
a balloon
a medium-sized button

Make sure the balloon end with the button is not pointing towards your eyes.
1. Blow up the balloon and hold it by the neck. Do not tie a knot in the end.

How to make rocket balloon
2. Slip the button into the balloon’s neck so that the neck closes tightly about the button.
How to make rocket balloon_02
3. Let the balloon go. It will zoom off in a fairly direct line. It will take quite a long time for the balloon to empty, because the air inside cannot escape very quickly.
How to make rocket balloon_03
The stretched rubber of the balloon puts pressure on the air inside, but the button openings control the thrust of the rocket.

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