How to Make Paper Pinwheels – Homemade Toys

The Paper Pinwheel shown in Fig. 1 is one of the best whirlers ever devised.
A slight forward thrust of the stick handle upon which it is mounted starts it in motion, and when you run with the stick extended in front of you it whirls at a merry speed.

Fig. 1.—The Paper Pinwheel is the Simplest Pinwheel to Make.
A piece of paper 8 or 10 inches square is needed for the pinwheel. Fold this piece of paper diagonally from corner to corner, both ways. Then open the paper, and with a pair of scissors cut along the diagonal creases, from the corners to within ½ inch of the center (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2.—Diagram for Paper Pinwheel.
Next, fold corners A, B, C, and D over to the center, as shown in Fig. 3, run a pin through the corners and through the center of the sheet of paper, drive the point of this pin into the end of the stick handle, and the pinwheel will be completed.

Fig. 3.—How the Paper Pinwheel is Folded.

Published, August, 1915

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