Cricket Rattle Toy – Wooden Toy Plans

A Cricket-rattle is about the liveliest form of rattle ever devised (Fig. 114). After constructing one for your sister or brother, you probably will decide to make one for yourself.

 Fig. 114.—Whirling the Cricket-rattle makes it chirp.

For this rattle, first prepare a notched spool (A, Fig. 116). The notches in this need not be cut as perfectly as shown, but the notches in one end of the spool must be exactly opposite those in the other end.

Fig. 116.—Details of the Noisy Cricket-rattle shown in Fig. 114.

Whittle the handle B to the shape and size shown, cut the strips C out of cigar box wood, and prepare the block D as shown.
The groove in the edge of D is cut of just the right width to receive the end of the wooden strip E. The length of E is best determined after nailing the ends of strips C to D, and slipping the handle through the holes in strips C and spool A.
It should extend from the groove in D into the notches in A. Make it as wide as the spool is high. Paint the rattle red or blue.

Published, August, 1915

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