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When you look around your home, you will see lots of different colors. Most people like to have plenty of color in their home. Colors can make a room look bright and cheerful.
How do we see these different colors? White light, such as sunlight, is a mixture of the three primary colors of light— red, green, and blue. When sunlight falls onto a white surface, we see white because all the colors are reflected back at us. A surface which reflects no color at all looks black. This is because all the colors have been taken in, or absorbed, by the surface.
These sunflowers are reflecting yellow light. All the other colors in the spectrum have been absorbed by the petals.

How can we change a color?

When sunlight falls on a sunflower, the petals absorb all the colors except yellow. When you look at a sunflower, you see it as yellow because only yellow light is reflected.
How can we change the color of a sunflower without actually painting it? You can shine a colored light onto it. If you shine blue light onto a sunflower, the flower will look almost black. This is because the blue light is absorbed by the flower, and not reflected by it. The sunflower cannot reflect yellow because there is no yellow in the light. So the blue light appears to take away the sunflower’s yellow color.