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Aeolian harp plans

Aeolian harp plans – build your own harp

This simple little musical instrument derives its name from Aeolus, god of the winds, who is said to have lived at Stromboli, then called...

GRIMACING FACE GAME – Kids Indoor Activities

Take a card one-and-one-half inches wide, and fold around it a piece of unruled note paper, so that the card can easily slide up...
Fun Activities for Kids at Home

Fun Activities for Kids at Home – Divided Square Puzzle Game

Fun activity for your kids at home: Take a square of paper or cardboard, and cut it into four pieces, as shown. Now try to...

Burning Candle Experiment – Science Experiments With Candles

A very interesting experiment may be performed with two drinking glasses, a small candle end and a piece of blotting paper, says the Pathfinder....

Swing Candle Experiment

Tallow Dripping from the Ends Alternately Lessens the Weight of the Arms and Causes the Tube to Tip A tube of tin, or cardboard, having...

DIY Wooden Sled – An Inexpensive Bobsled

A Bobsled of Simple Construction Using Ordinary Barrel Staves for the Runners

Humane Rat Trap – Barrel Rat Trap

A suburbanite successfully trapped a bunch of rats by stretching a piece of stout elastic paper on the top of an open barrel. Spreading...

How to make a Wooden Lock with Combination Key

The lock shown in the sketch and detailed drawings is made entirely of wood, and it is nearly impossible to pick or open it...

Squirrel Trapping – How to Build a Squirrel Trap – Figure four Trap –...

How to make squirrel traps The various forms and schemes for home-made traps that have been devised, and which are to be found in use...

Wig Wag Signals and Wigwagging

Wig Wag Signals and Wigwagging - excerpt from the book "The Scientific American Boy" by A. Russell Bond Our tramp adventure was really quite a...
Martin birdhouse plans - How to make a birdhouse out of wood

Martin birdhouse plans – How to make a birdhouse out of...

Martins are very sociable birds, and prefer to nest in colonies. They are not content with one or two compartment houses if larger houses are obtainable.
Bluebird birdhouse woodworking plans

Bluebird birdhouse plans