What are Precious Metals?

We sometimes call valuable metals, such as platinum and gold, precious metals. Platinum is the most valuable metal in the world. It is called a catalyst because it produces a…

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How is Aluminum Made?

Like many metals, aluminum is a very useful element.It is found in rock as bauxite, which is an aluminum ore containing oxygen.The oxygen has to be removed before the aluminum…

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Electroplating – What is Electroplating?

What is Electroplating?If you pass electricity through a solution, you can cause a chemical reaction. New substances are produced where the electric current enters and leaves the solution—at the electrodes. Electricity…

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Does Salt Water Conduct Electricity?

Electricity flows easily through metal wires.Copper, aluminum, and silver are good conductors of electricity.Electricity can also flow easily through some salt, acid, or alkaline solutions.When electricity flows through a solution,…

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