squirrel on tree

Best way to catch a squirrel in attic – Humane squirrel trap

Squirrel problems in attic? Do you hear creaking, scratching, bumping from above the ceiling? Don't panic there are several simple ...
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DIY xylophone

The xylophone is an instrument of great antiquity, having been used in a slightly different form by both Greeks and ...
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Aeolian harp plans – build your own harp

This simple little musical instrument derives its name from Aeolus, god of the winds, who is said to have lived ...
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GRIMACING FACE GAME – Kids Indoor Activities

Take a card one-and-one-half inches wide, and fold around it a piece of unruled note paper, so that the card ...
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Burning Candle Experiment – Science Experiments With Candles

A very interesting experiment may be performed with two drinking glasses, a small candle end and a piece of blotting ...
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